• Chiropractic care is the safest alternative on the market
    Rather than popping over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs for everyday aches and pains, give chiropractic care a shot and experience the difference. Do your body a favor and take care of it, naturally, without the awful side effects of drugs. Place your faith in the human body's natural ability to heal itself from inside out, and you will never regret that decision. Dr. Fahrendorf is here to help you live a better quality of life and be your advocate every step of the way. Please call (605) 334-8000 to schedule your next adjustment. #FFCW #siouxfallsfamilychiropractor Read more
  • Monsanto Required to Disclose Cancer Warning On All Products
    Rarely does California do much that makes logical sense. However, it is important to give credit where credit is due. Fahrendorf Family Chiropractic + Wellness applauds California for taking a stand defending the health and wellness of its people. Monsanto and others should be required to disclose a cancer warning on all their products. Even one life lost due to their products is one life too many. #FFCW #siouxfallsfamilychiropractor Read more
  • 2017 Masters Golf Tournament
    The 2017 Masters Golf Tournament tees off today and concludes on Sunday afternoon. The Masters is the super bowl of golf; it is truly the “Grand Daddy” of them all. Did you know that chiropractic care is great for golfers? Chiropractors are experts in the musculoskeletal system and provide a safe, natural, and drug-free alternative to relieve pain, increase overall performance, decrease recovery time, as well as offer preventative health benefits vital to keeping the body balanced, flexible, and functioning at its maximum capacity. Several golfers including Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods utilize chiropractic care as an integral part of their success. Jordan Spieth, one of the best golfers of this current generation, and the 2015 Masters Champion, recently thanked his chiropractor for being an essential key to his professional success. Mr. Spieth has been taking advantage of chiropractic care since he was 14-years-old to help prevent injuries and enhance his athletic performance and overall health. Golf is an asymmetrical sport which places a significant amount of torque and stress on the human spine and musculoskeletal system. With that being said, golfers require routine care to ensure that their musculoskeletal system is functioning at its highest potential. Injuries happen when the musculoskeletal system is functioning poorly. There is not a more affordable, safer, and better alternative to preventive health care than chiropractic. Whether you are a professional, amateur, youth athlete, or simply a recreational novice, you can experience the same health benefits from routine chiropractic care. Whether you need a tweak of your swing or a tweak of your back, or any extremity joint for that matter, visit with Dr. Fahrendorf on how chiropractic is the best club in your golf bag. Call (605) 334-8000 to schedule now. Who is your favorite to win the green jacket on Sunday? #FFCW #siouxfallsfamilychiropractor Read more
  • Dr. Fahrendorf's Mentor: Dr. Tim Fargo
    Dr. Tim Fargo mentored Dr. Fahrendorf throughout chiropractic school with his monthly round table lectures. Dr. Fargo opened up his office to all chiropractic students to answer all their burning questions about how to become a better chiropractor, adjuster, and business person. Dr. Fahrendorf was also fortunate enough to be trained in Dr. Fargo's office as his intern during Dr. Fahrendorf's final year of chiropractic school. There is not a more passionate individual about chiropractic and natural health and wellness than Dr. Fargo. Dr. Fargo was instrumental in teaching Dr. Fahrendorf much of what he knows today, including how to assess and adjust all upper and lower extremity joints. Dr. Fargo was the Minnesota Vikings chiropractor for 13 years. Here is a great news story from 1995 by the CBS affiliate, WCCO, in Minneapolis showing Dr. Fargo in action. Thank you, Dr. Fargo, for all your mentorship, guidance, and wisdom. Dr. Fahrendorf will always be grateful for all you have done for him. Please call (605) 334-8000 if you are interested in experiencing how chiropractic can have a incredibly positive impact on your life and want to see how Dr. Fahrendorf treats his patiens. #FFCW #siouxfallsfamilychiropractor Read more
  • FFCW Now In-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield
    Fahrendorf Family Chiropractic & Wellness is now in-network with Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. We look forward to serving Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield patients in this New Year. We are still waiting for final approval from Sanford Health Plan. This approval should be coming very soon. Please call (605) 334-8000 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fahrendorf. Fahrendorf Family Chiropractic & Wellness is grateful for the opportunity to serve its patients. Read more
  • FFCW in the Sioux Falls Business Journal
    hank you to the Argus Leader, Sioux Falls Business Journal, and Jodi Schwan for the press coverage this morning on the opening of Fahrendorf Family Chiropractic & Wellness. Dr. Fahrendorf is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the Fahrendorf family patriarchs of Dr. Lester M. Fahrendorf and Dr. Donn J. Fahrendorf. It is an honor and blessing for Dr. Eric Fahrendorf to be a part of the family legacy and tradition, and he does not take this opportunity for granted. A special thank you goes out to the people of Sioux Falls for welcoming Dr. Fahrendorf back home. Please call 334-8000 for your next adjustment. Thanks to all of you, the tradition of health, healing, and wellness continues. #FFCW#siouxfallsfamilychiropractor Read more
  • Proper Shoveling Techniques
    Here are some helpful tips regarding shoveling snow. Always remember to bend your knees and not your back. Read more
  • FFCW Now In-network with DakotaCare
    ​Fahrendorf Family Chiropractic & Wellness is now in-network with DakotaCare (along with Avera Health Plan). Read more
  • Get Adjusted
    There can be plenty of debate if Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time, but there is no disputing the fact that chiropractic allows people to perform at their highest potential and maximize their health potential. If you have never been to a chiropractor, make the smart decision to take control of your health and visit a trusted chiropractor. Chiropractic allows peoople to live a better quality of life, maximizes their overall health, helps people prevent future injury and illness, and helps remove the stresses on the nervous system. Just like Tom Brady says, chiropractic care helps people stay one step ahead of this game called life. Call (605) 334-8000 if you want to experience what chiropractic can do for you. #FFCW #siouxfallsfamilychiropractor #tombrady #getadjusted Read more
  • The Spinal Cord is the Tail of the Brain
    The spine houses and protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord is an extension of the brain. Doesn't it make sense to take proper care of your spine to help the brain and body perform and operate at its maximum potential? Most people do not realize that spinal misalignment(s) (aka subluxations), which interfere with the proper function of the nervous system, usually occur with NO pain or symptoms. Just like dentists, Chiropractors focus on educating entire families on the long-term health benefits of proactive routine check ups and care before symptoms arrive. Pain is the last symptom to present itself, but it is also the first symptom to disappear after receiving proper chiropractic care. If you are interested in maximizing your health potential, please call (605) 334-8000 to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Fahrendorf. #FFCW #siouxfallsfamilychiropractor Read more
  • FFCW Now In-network with Avera Health Plan
    ​Fahrendorf Family Chiropractic & Wellness is now in-network with Avera Health Plan. Read more
  • Proper Hydration is Imperative to Health & Wellness
    Everyone should be drinking half of their body weight in ounces per day. For example, a 150 lb. individual should be drinking 75 ounces of water each day. Dehydration is a pervasive problem in our society. Water is responsible for the transport of nutrients, oxygen, and waste products, as well as for regulating your body temperature and serving as the medium in which all of your body’s chemical reactions take place. Most people do not drink enough pure clean water. Drink up! Call (605) 334-8000 to schedule your next appointment. #FFCW #siouxfallsfamilychiropractor Read more
  • The Nervous System
    The nervous system is the "quarterback" of the human body which controls and regulates every cell, nerve, tissue, organ, and organ system in the human body. Simply put, the nervous system facilitates the communication between the brain and the human body. The spinal cord is an extension of the brain, and the spine houses and protects the spinal cord. That is why a healthy spine is so critically important to the overall health of each and every one of us. Chiropractic care is a natural, non-invasive, non-pharmacological alternative to traditional medical care that helps remove the irritation and interference of the nervous system while allowing the human body to heal itself from inside-out. Discover chiropractic...the power that created the body, heals the body. It happens no other way. Call 334-8000 to schedule your next appointment. An improved quality of life is waiting for you. #siouxfallsfamilychiropractor #FFCW Read more
  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady does not need the advantage of a deflated ball to appreciate, recognize, and promote the health benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic does not only offer patients the ability to feel better; chiropractic offers patients the advantage of healing better, performing better, and living a better quality of life. Dr. Fahrendorf is now accepting new patients. Call (605) 334-8000 to schedule an appointment. #FFCW #siouxfallsfamilychiropractor Read more
  • How to Avoid Neck Pain From Texting
    Here is a helpful article regarding "text neck" that all parents and adults should read. Parents, please limit the time your children are spending with their neck in flexion and texting. In addition, please remind your children to get their electronic device elevated to eye level and/or lie down if they are going to spend an extended period of time on their electronic device. These helpful hints will help prevent cervical sprain/strain and help fight against poor posture. Please call (605) 334-8000 to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Fahrendorf. We appreciate the opportunity to help make America healthy Read more


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Reviews From our Grateful, Happy, and Satisfied Patients

  • "After dealing with a sore shoulder and limited range of motion for several weeks, Dr. Fahrendorf did a few adjustments on it and it felt significantly better. He also helped improve my low back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Fahrendorf."
    Eric A.
  • "Dr. Eric does not mess around. From his thorough exams to his great adjustments, he is the man to get you feeling better. No matter if you are bothered by headaches, back pain, or just looking to take your health to that next level."
    Cory B.
  • "Dr Fahrendorf always goes the extra mile to make sure the entire family is not only feeling better, but that we're also performing at our best! I cannot recommend him enough!"
    Carolyn F.
  • "My patient experience with Dr. Fahrendorf has been all about amazing results, amazing care. A friend of mine recently mentioned he needed help, and I just started talking about Fahrendorf Family Chiropractic + Wellness. I described how much time Dr. Fahrendorf takes to listen, evaluate, and
    treat me. My friend commented he'd been to a local chiropractor who had patients lined up one bed after another, going right down the line... next, next. Health care today has become all about quantity, but, in Dr.Fahrendorf's case it is about QUALITY care. It's almost unusual for a doctor today to take any amount of time to care for a patient. Exceptional results, exceptional care!"
    Chris H.
  • "Dr. Fahrendorf is very knowledgeable and will go the extra mile
    for his patients. He is a great chiropractor, and he is an even better person. I highly recommend him!"
    Eric J.
  • "I came to see Dr. Fahrendorf with severe hip pain and shoulder pain. I left his office pain free! The difference in my range of motion and strength in my extremities after my treatment from Dr. Fahrendorf is mind-blowing. He's an absolute genius when it comes to extremity pain!"
    Jasmine P.