Putting Neck Pain Treatment Risks into Perspective

Medical doctors are forced to practice under the "sick care" model in the United States due to the almighty dollar. It's unfortunate for the patient, but it is the realty of the times. In the end, it is the patient who suffers the consequences. Every single presription drug(s) and/or over-the-counter (OTC) drug(s) has side effect(s). Opioid drug addiction is an epidemic in the United States. However, there is good news! Patients have an alternative that does not destroy the human body from inside out. Chiropractors deliver and provide "health care" to their patients. There is NOT a safer form of health care than chiropractic care. Spinal surgery and the usage of NSAIDS/Aspirin/Opioids carry a MUCH LARGER health risk than any cervical adjustment. The facts speak for themselves. Discover chiropractic: the power that made the body, heals the body. It happens no other way. If you are sick of living a life with a decreased quality of life, do yourself a favor and give chiropractic care a shot. It will be a decision you will not regret. Fahrendorf Family Chiropractic + Wellness treats all ages and is accepting new patients. Please call 334-8000 to schedule your next adjustment. An improved quality of life is waiting for you. #FFCW#siouxfallsfamilychiropractor


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Reviews From our Grateful, Happy, and Satisfied Patients

  • "After dealing with a sore shoulder and limited range of motion for several weeks, Dr. Fahrendorf did a few adjustments on it and it felt significantly better. He also helped improve my low back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Fahrendorf."
    Eric A.
  • "Dr. Eric does not mess around. From his thorough exams to his great adjustments, he is the man to get you feeling better. No matter if you are bothered by headaches, back pain, or just looking to take your health to that next level."
    Cory B.
  • "Dr Fahrendorf always goes the extra mile to make sure the entire family is not only feeling better, but that we're also performing at our best! I cannot recommend him enough!"
    Carolyn F.
  • "My patient experience with Dr. Fahrendorf has been all about amazing results, amazing care. A friend of mine recently mentioned he needed help, and I just started talking about Fahrendorf Family Chiropractic + Wellness. I described how much time Dr. Fahrendorf takes to listen, evaluate, and
    treat me. My friend commented he'd been to a local chiropractor who had patients lined up one bed after another, going right down the line... next, next. Health care today has become all about quantity, but, in Dr.Fahrendorf's case it is about QUALITY care. It's almost unusual for a doctor today to take any amount of time to care for a patient. Exceptional results, exceptional care!"
    Chris H.
  • "Dr. Fahrendorf is very knowledgeable and will go the extra mile
    for his patients. He is a great chiropractor, and he is an even better person. I highly recommend him!"
    Eric J.
  • "I came to see Dr. Fahrendorf with severe hip pain and shoulder pain. I left his office pain free! The difference in my range of motion and strength in my extremities after my treatment from Dr. Fahrendorf is mind-blowing. He's an absolute genius when it comes to extremity pain!"
    Jasmine P.